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How to optimize your Twitter SERPS in 2 easy steps

Twitter is an open-forum network used to comment with others. I created my account sometime in 2012. I was a studio engineer at the time and used it mainly to participate in the popular and sub-culture commentary discourse.

An open diary of sorts — I never considered monetizing this traffic source until I spent the best of the latter 6 months observing fast growing accounts;

their tweeting strategies and techniques while formulating different and creative ways I can extract value from this network while simaltaneously providing value to it.

To summarize, having a strong affinity to a particular following is powerful no matter who you are and how small your following is and Twitter is a super effective way to tap into this power source however one choses to utilize it.

If you are like me — you wan’t to leverage your current Twitter account but notice growth is stale in comparison to newer accounts. Your reach doesn’t seem to span as far and there is actually a very technical reason behind this.

After talking to a Twitter tech agent I was able to learn some clear concise steps to take control over how the platform’s algorithms distributes your profile in the “Who To Follow” tabs. As explained to me, this feature when used correctly yields tens of thousands of organic impressions over-time.

How to optimize your Twitter SERPS in 2 easy steps, ideal for older accounts.

Step 1: Tweet Archive Deletion

Step 2: Interest & Ads Data Configuration.

Step 1: Delete your tweet archive

Request your archive from twitter at bottom of this page https://twitter.com/settings/account

Download folder in e-mail and compress it to a .zip file.

Upload .zip file to https://www.gocardigan.com and follow their steps to delete.

Dare I say, It’s simple.

Note: There are two twitter archives. Twitter Data Folder filled with JSON files and your actual archive of Tweets that we need which contains a .csv and index.html in folder. You will only be able to download appropriate folder while using the Legacy Version of Twitter on Desktop.

Step 2: Configure your inferred interests

Staying IN Legacy version access this link https://twitter.com/settings/your_twitter_data and scroll until you find “Inferred interests from Twitter” click on link and configure keywords Twitter has pegged you for.

Now you are in control.


posted on 07 Apr 19

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